Metadata Summary: Foreclosures Daily

Dataset Type: GIS/Spatial Data

Name of Data Source: Foreclosures Daily

Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): FORECLOSURES_DAILY

Description of Datasource: Data collection and reporting in this case is done by Foreclosures Daily, a Florida-based company that collects each day's foreclosure filings from the Hillsborough County Clerk's office, and loads it into a database that is joined with the Property Appraiser database for the County.

How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Annually

Period of Record Within the Atlas: 2005 - 2014

Date Added/Updated on Atlas: 6/22/2015

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: Since Foreclosures Daily is a private company their methods are proprietary – they "own" the information they collect and don't really want others to be able to replicate their process. The data has been verified in Hillsborough County by researchers at the University of South Florida as part of a larger study of foreclosure conditions.

Custodian Information:
Foreclosures Daily

Contact Name: Cheran Williams

Contact Email:

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