Metadata Summary: Zip Code Boundaries

Dataset Type: GIS/Spatial Data

Name of Data Source: Zip Code Boundaries

Datasource Abbreviation (dataset): HC_RE_ZIP

Description of Datasource: The zip code boundary is the GIS layer created by the Hillsborough County Real Estate Department from data supplied by the United States Postal Service.

How Often Data is Transferred to the Atlas: Annually

Period of Record Within the Atlas: Not Available

Date Added/Updated on Atlas: 5/1/2009

Disclaimer/Use Constraints: The United States Postal Service does not directly provide the zip code boundaries in Geographic Information Systems. Therefore, the boundaries are the best representation of those boundaries as taken from written documentation. This data is public data. This data my be used for its intended purpose. Hillsborough County does not assume any liability arising from use of this data. This data is provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Community Atlas only updates the zip code boundaries on a yearly basis. It is possible that during the course of a year, boundaries may change that are not reflected on this website. All data obtained from the Atlas are provisional, subject to change and provided without warranty of any kind.

Custodian Information:
Hillsborough County
Surveying Division
Geographic Information Systems Section
Hillsborough County Real Estate Department

Contact Name: Not Available

Contact Email: Not Available

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