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Road Re-Surfacing on Hillsborough County Roads

The purpose of road surfacing treatments is to maintain or extend the service life of a road. Hillsborough County maintains approximately 6,000 lane miles of public roads. These roads are in unincorporated Hillsborough County, as well as within the municipalities. The County has developed a method for not only prioritizing the resurfacing of these roads, but also for determining which type of resurfacing treatment should be applied to each road. At present time, the County employs several different types of treatments to roads, based on condition and age. It is the County's goal to apply the correct resurfacing treatment to the roads which have the greatest need, as soon as fiscally possible. Learn more about Road Re-Surfacing >>

Planned Road Surface Treatments in Fiscal Year 2009 (October 2008 - September 2009 for USF

There are no road resurfacing projects planned in this community.

Visit the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Page for a list of all road resurfacing projects.

Sidewalk Projects

Hillsborough County funds the construction of new sidewalks throughout unincorporated Hillsborough County on a yearly basis. The funding for sidewalks falls into two areas of demand: school-focused and other-focused (based on proximity to pedestrian attractors). Through a review of multiple factors, such as school needs, hazardous walking conditions, and publicly-expressed sidewalk needs, a list of recommended projects are funded each fiscal year. Before this list is approved, it is presented to the public in a series of public meetings. Please keep in mind that some projects funded during a fiscal year may not be constructed during that same timeframe. Learn More about Sidewalks >>

Funded Sidewalk Projects for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 2008 - September 2009) for USF

There are no sidewalk projects planned in this community.

Visit the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Page for a list of all sidewalk projects.

Hillsborough County Intersection Improvement Program

Hillsborough County goes through a yearly process to determine what road intersections in the unincorporated county will be improved. These improvements can include: installation of traffic signals and flashing lights, and construction of turn lanes, among other additions. All improvements are approved by the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners.

In December, 2006, the Board of County Commissioners initiated a Transportation Task Force (TTF) to take a long view of the County’s transportation system and its escalating needs. The focus was on providing a balanced, multi-modal and fundable transportation system. The TTF strategy addresses a 20-year horizon through two phases: an immediate goal of impacting critical unfunded short term needs using existing funding streams totaling $500 million; and a long-term goal of identifying and recommending approximately $1.5 billion in dedicated existing funding for a strategic multi-modal transportation system. The Task Force recommended 67 intersection improvements (for a total investment of $160 million) throughout Hillsborough County that, in effect, make up the Fiscal Year schedule of improvements to occur in this community. Learn More about Intersection Improvements >>

Planned Intersection Improvements in Fiscal Year 2009(October 2008 - September 2009) in USF

Data Provider: Hillsborough County
Data Updated: August 2009

Hillsborough County Road Maintenance Schedules

To keep the roads and physical infrastructure in unincorporated Hillsborough County operational, there are a number of maintenance tasks that take place on a quarterly basis on county-maintained roads. These include: mowing, picking up litter, street sweeping, and general maintenance activities.

In unincorporated Hillsborough County, there are four service units responsible for the maintenance schedules (i.e. the Central Service Unit or CSU; East Service Unit or ESU; South Service Unit or SSU; and West Service Unit or WSU). If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department's Customer Service Center at (813) 635-5400. Learn More about Maintenance Schedules >>

Disclaimer: The dates presented here for the maintenance schedule are estimated dates that might change due to a number of factors that include: changes and variation in weather, unplanned equipment downtime, and other unforeseen circumstances.



Hillsborough County Public Works Department provides street sweeping services to protect the public health and safety. These services address the water quality requirements of the County's National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, while also reducing the amount of debris entering storm water systems. The level of service as of July 2009 includes only sweeping of designated main roadways and intersections within Hillsborough County three times per year. Each round of sweeping covers a total of approximately 526 miles of roadways. In FY 08 subdivision sweeping was discontinued in order to maximize funding for sweeping main roads and intersections.


The Transportation Maintenance Division schedules its maintenance activities based on one of two methods. The first method is enacted when a report of a deficiency or asset failure is received from a private party, such as a citizen. This report is investigated by a Division Asset Coordinator within seven (7) days of the initial report. If warranted, a work order is generated and scheduled. A priority level of the maintenance requirement is assigned and considered when assigning the scheduled date. Ordinarily, work orders are completed within forty five (45) days of their scheduled date. This parameter is required due to the many uncontrollable variables related to performance of maintenance activities (i.e. equipment failure, poor weather conditions, manpower shortages, etc.) Of course, emergency priority is assigned to work whereby public safety, private property and assets are compromised or threatened. The second method in which the Transportation Maintenance Division schedules its maintenance requirements is dictated by its asset condition coding process. Each year, a percentage of assets are proactively inspected by the Asset Coordination Team and any repair, replacement or maintenance requirements are identified through the creation of a work order.

School Safety Zones

Following are the public schools in USF. Please click on a school to see more information about the school that is maintained by the School District of Hillsborough County. Additionally, there is information on the Hillsborough County School Signs, Markings, and Flashers Enhancement Project. The goal of this project is to upgrade all school safety zones in the county with larger and brighter signs, "SCHOOL" markings and flashers that indicate a reduced speed limit during student arrival and departure of students. A green check mark indicates that the school safety zone has been upgraded.

Elementary Schools

Elementary School Locations

Upgraded | Upgrade Planned | Unknown

School Name Address School Safety Zone Upgrades
Signs Markings Flashers

Data Provider: Multiple Data Providers (Compiled by Florida Center for Community Design and Research)
Data Updated: March 2015

Middle Schools

Middle School Locations

There are no public middle schools in this community.

High Schools

High School Locations

Upgraded | Upgrade Planned | Unknown

School Name Address School Safety Zone Upgrades
Signs Markings Flashers

Data Provider: Multiple Data Providers (Compiled by Florida Center for Community Design and Research)
Data Updated: March 2015

Other Types of Schools

Other Types of Schools Locations

Upgraded | Upgrade Planned | Unknown

School Name Address School Safety Zone Upgrades
Signs Markings Flashers

Data Provider: Multiple Data Providers (Compiled by Florida Center for Community Design and Research)
Data Updated: March 2015

Traffic Calming

Hillsborough County supports two traffic calming programs for the unincorporated parts of the county: Neighborhood Traffic Calming and Residential Traffic Calming. The purpose of traffic calming is to implement measures to reduce speed and improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The following documents will provide more information about these programs:

Capital Improvement Projects

Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) involves the construction of facilities or public assets. The types of Capital Improvement Projects might include: transportation, water (stormwater, potable water, reclaimed water, and wastewater), parks, solid waste, and government facilities.

To find out what Capital Improvement Projects are supported use the following links:

Road & Lane Closures

Roads and lanes throughout Hillsborough County are periodically closed to allow for maintenance or construction. Please click on the following links to find out what roads and lanes are expected to be closed:

Residential Street Lighting

Residential Street Lighting Program

Hillsborough County provides a program for residents in the unincorporated county to add street lights to their neighborhoods. This program partners with Tampa Electric Company to provide neighborhoods with streetlights. Learn More about Residential Street Lighting >>

To view what parts of the county have street lighting districts, click on the link to the mapping application

Data Updated: February 2008

Street Light Problems

If you encounter any problems with street lights, please report them to the Tampa Electric Company (TECO). Before contacting them, look for the 10-digit number and/or 6-digit number from the tag on the pole of the light that is malfunctioning.

TECO Customer Service: (813)223-0800

Public Transportation

Public transportation is provided in Hillsborough County by the Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HARTline) Clicking on this link will result in leaving the Community Atlas website..

To view HARTline schedules and maps, click this link http://www.gohart.org/routes/maps-schedules.html Link to External Mapping Website..

Infrastructure and Transportation Resources Directory

This section focuses on the available health resources in your community. Please click one of the following links to access the information maintained about the available resources and programs.

2-1-1 Tampa Bay Services

The 2-1-1 Tampa Bay program provides immediate and confidential crisis intervention, and information and referral services for a variety of community resources.

If you would like more information about educational resources in Hillsborough County, call 211 or choose one of the resources from the dropdown list below to view the 2-1-1 Tampa Bay website Link to 2-1-1 Tampa Bay Website.

You will be directed to the 2-1-1 Tampa Bay website.

If you would like to add a program to or update program information for the 2-1-1 Tampa Bay database, please fill out the 2-1-1 Tampa Bay update form Clicking on this link will result in leaving the Community Atlas website..

Hillsborough County Citizen Action Center

The Hillsborough County Citizen Action Center is countywide call center is open seven days a week.

If you would like more information about education resources in Hillsborough County, call the InfoLine at 272-5900 or click the Community Link Clicking on this link will result in leaving the Community Atlas website.. The Hillsborough County Directory of Services Clicking on this link will result in leaving the Community Atlas website. is also available on-line.

Websites of Interest

This section provides links to websites and documents related to the communities from sources both within and outside your community. These links can provide you further information about the topics presented on this page.

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