Rembrandt Gardens Apartments

Neighborhood Information


Indicator map of Rembrandt Gardens Apartments.

Basic Statistics

Census 2010 Updates
Size: 0.11 square miles / 71.5 acres
Data Provider: City of Tampa
Includes the following Zip Code(s): 33616
Data Provider: Hillsborough County
Includes the following 2010 Census Tract(s): 70.02, 71.03, 72
2010 Population: 371

Places of Interest

Places of interest are resources that exist in the community. In this section, we present a number of places such as: public schools, hospitals, police/sheriff stations, and fire stations, among other locations.

In Rembrandt Gardens Apartments there are the following places of interest:

There are no places of interest identified for this community.

  • Family Resource Centers - Family-oriented programs and services are offered at no cost to participants. There are six Centers, located in Brandon, Central Tampa, East County, North Tampa, South County and Town 'N Country.
  • Hillsborough County Trails, Paths & Bicycle Guide - Large, fold-out map with recommended routes and safety information of interest to bicyclists and pedestrians.

Land Use/Land Cover 2011

Land Use/Land Cover is a description of the way land has been developed and used. In the State of Florida, Land Use is divided up into over 500 defined uses. For the purpose of the Community Atlas, we have grouped these categories to provide you with an overview. Learn More about Land Use/Land Cover »

Land Use/Land Cover 2011 % of Rembrandt Gardens Apartments % of City of Tampa % of Hillsborough County
Urban and Built Up 91.10% 68.93% 46.16%
Residential Low Density
Less than 1% 0.52% 9.71%
Residential Med Density
0% 2.80% 6.33%
Residential High Density
18.47% 34.48% 10.75%
Commercial and Services
7.28% 12.59% 3.78%
23.65% 3.29% 1.51%
Reclaimed Land
0% 0% 4.22%
0% 0% 3.56%
0% 9.14% 1.97%
0% 2.01% 0.75%
Golf Courses 0% 1.26% 0.78%
Open Land 41.70% 2.84% 2.80%
Agriculture 0% 1.74% 19.31%
Rangelands 0% 0.56% 2.41%
Upland Forests 7.28% 2.93% 7.20%
Water 1.54% 3.60% 4.06%
Wetlands 0% 12.81% 17.38%
Other 0% 0% 0%

Data Provider: Southwest Florida Water Management District
Data Updated: September 2013

Plans and Documents

Comprehensive Plans are legal documents developed by the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission and adopted by local governments. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to guide and coordinate the long range growth and development of the county and the municipalities.

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